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Bank Exclusive Flexible Workers

Bank Exclusive is a fast track recruitment process for workers who are known to Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, and who have gained a minimum of 3 months’ experience at the Trust, to transfer to NHS Professionals Bank. The process enables known workers, to be active and available on My Bank within 72 hours, where they have engaged with the process. 

 Benefits to the Trust

·         Maintain shift fill by

o   Allowing known workers to continue to work at a Trust, while completing their application to join the bank

o   Ensures there is continuity of patient care – known workers continue to work at their Trust 

o   A faster process than the current Bank Application process – allowing known applicants to be working with 72 hours

o   A structured action plan to ensure workers will be compliant with NHS Employment Check Standards

Benefits to Trust Worker

·         72-hour processing time – continue to work with minimal disruption

·         Ability to continue working in a familiar environment

·         Training appropriate to the role will be provided as part of the individually bespoke Action Plan

·         Working for part of the NHS family

How it works

Known workers with a minimum of 3 months’ experience of working at the Trust are invited to transfer to NHS Professionals.  Once the worker has submitted the completed application pack, the worker will have an active profile within 72 hours.  These workers will be restricted to working at Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust only. 

The worker will then undertake a six-week action plan whilst becoming compliant with NHS Employers check standards, including training, DBS and Occupation health.  The known worker will need to pro-actively engage with their bespoke action plan as failure to do so will result in NHS Professionals refusing to offer the worker future assignments.  All known workers transferring through this process will be fully compliant to the NHS employment check standards at the end of their six-week action plan or they will be prevented from undertaking future assignments. 

What do I need to do to get this set-up?

Contact the local NHS Professionals office via phone 01603 421572 or email and ask for a Bank Exclusive application pack to be sent to you.

30 Mar 2017